Saturday, May 28, 2005

And I am a material girl

I hate packing. I wish I could throw all my crap away. How did I acquire so much stuff anyway? The 20/80 rule definitely applies to my things. I only use 20% of my stuff 80% of the time. I have dresses I have only worn once in my life. Heck, I have suits that I have NEVER worn before. And here I am stressed out about wrinkling them! hah!

When I say I have too much stuff, what I really mean is that I have too much clothes. I can't bear to throw any clothes now I have dresses from 8th grade etc. And really, I don't think I would be nearly as stressed if I knew how to properly care for my clothes. But once a small stain appears, or an unsightly wrinkle, I'm totally helpless, without redress...I don't know how to hand-wash or iron. I have to throw the beloved item away.

But really, possessions have a way of owning you, instead of you owning them. And at no time is that more apparent, than when you pack it all up. I feel a huge cloud of stress because my beloved wardrobe will shift around in dirty cardboard boxes for 10 days and then sit in storage for 2 months. By the time I move them out, I bet I will have to say goodbye to most of them. Sigh. Or learn how to wash and iron. Not likely.

I wish sometimes I could just throw them all away. Go to Boston with nothing. Not a thing except the clothes on my back. I love it. Driving down the open road with the windows down, hair blowing in the wind. Radio blasting, "Born free!"

But unfortunately all I can think of is another song from the 80's. One by a lady with only a first name and conical bustiers. The chorus weaves in and out of my mild headache, the kind you get when you feel like something dreadful might happen to all your stuff.


Peggy said...

My friend... haven't you heard of dry cleaning?? :p

Alice in Wonderland said...

I'm too cheap.