Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning Crusty

Sorry for the gross picture, but this was the look of horror that greeted me one morning as I picked Judah up from his crib.

The blood streaks on his bedsheet was pretty gruesome too. Wonder what causes bloody noses in babies while they sleep?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pimp My Bathtowel

Check out my custom-made bathrobe!

Yep, that's my name embroidered on the front there.

You're never too young to look like a playa'!

Monday, January 23, 2012


There are two things about Judah that amazes me, three things that I do not understand (okay, I only threw that in there to match Proverbs, but it kinda works).

First, he still wears a drool bib.  STILL!  The boy is almost 18 months old and he still drools like a fiend.  I know he's popping out teeth like it's going out of style, but so are other toddlers and they don't drool 8 oz of saliva onto their shirts every hour.  When I brought this up to his pediatrician she had this oh-so-not-comforting response:  Some kids are just droolers.  My daughter didn't stop drooling until she was 3.  THREE?!  THREE?!

Second, he's still nursing.  STILL!  I had a goal of nursing him to 12 months and letting him wean himself when he started losing interest.  But he hasn't completely lost interest's still the easiest way to 'prime' him for sleep and comfort him when he wakes up or is super cranky (which is all too often).  I'm torn between wanting the sweet freedom that comes with weaning (oh how I would LOVE to not have to wake up with my human alarm clock) and not wanting to end our sweet little bonding times.

I like to store up memories of nursing my sweet boy, snuggled in his baby blanket and with his favorite CD on, rocking in his dim room...all comfort and peace...knowing that soon he'll be weaned and I'll never have these times with him ever again.

And then I think about how annoying it is that he has now entered a new phase where he...let's just say, likes to be very "hands-on."  And how nice it would be to not be the one who ALWAYS has to put him down for bedtime.  Oh, the life-long tension of parenting--freedom v. sweet servility.

Third, he still can't crawl.  STILL!  Actually, that's no longer true.  He crawled for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I vividly remember seeing him on his hands and knees on his playmat.  But instead of just collapsing onto his tummy, he started moving his arms and legs back and forth.  Spouse and I stared at him and then at each other whispering with breath bated, "Is he...?  Is he...actually...crawling?"

Indeed!  Almost a year after most babies have mastered the skill, our talented and gifted son (ha!) has finally figured it out!

Judah Take the Wheel

Judah is in a "wheel" phase.

This is the guy who "plays" with fancy new toys for literally 20 seconds before getting distracted by other things. But, he stood in front of this wheel for at least 10 minutes, staring, turning, touching, staring some more.

Babies, what the heck goes on in their heads?!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to the Shire

Dear Judah--You took your first long trip and you were a champion traveler.  Here's you sitting in your first airplane seat.

You took all the discomfort of travel and jetlag much better than your whiny fussy dad.  While we flew for 5 hours, you napped, snacked and played with the truckful of new toys I bought you--books, balloons, stickers, a slinky, playdo, and some silly putty.

On our way home in the shuttle bus that took us back to the long-term parking lot was the first time you showed signs of weariness.  Although you took everything in stride, I think your poor tired parents aren't keen to take you on another trip for a looooooong time.

Welcome home my little world-weary traveler.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shop Til They Drop

There wasn't a lot to do in "Podunk", Ohio, but as long as I'm near a mall, I'm a happy camper. I thought I'd get to luxuriate in some Judah-fuss-free shopping since Spouse and his sister were tagging along to watch el bebo.

But much to my chagrin, after about an hour, I heard a lot of fussing and whining following me around. However, it wasn't coming from Judah! It was coming from the other male of the house--begging to go home because he was exhausted and generally hates malls.

Sigh, I guess when it comes to shopping, I just can't win.  If it's not Judah expiring, it's his dad.

Oh well, at least it's better for the wallet this way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thirty Something

This weekend a friend asked me how old I was. I answered honestly--31. My friend was skeptical as we traded Chinese zodiac signs. He accused me of actually being 32.

Without blinking an eye, I said--No, I'll be 32 in 2012. And that's when I remembered (a) the year is now 2012 and (b) that this (what's going on in the picture) had happened recently while we were in Ohio.

OMG! My mommmy brain (and perhaps a leetle beeeet of wishful thinking) made me completely forget that I just had a birthday!

How does it feel to be 32?  Meh, not much different than 31...which is not that different than 30.  But it sure sounds a heck of a lot older!  After having a kid, I prefer to think of myself as ageless...primarily because I honestly can't keep it straight in my head anymore.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Here We Go Again (Argh)

Well, it was bound to happen again.

Every few months Judah's sleeping habits devolve to the point where frankly, I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! And the ugly specter of sleep-training once again rears its wailing head.

This time Judah's learned to pull himself to standing in his crib. At first we were afraid our poor guy didn't know how to lay back down, so we would go to him, lay him down and pat his back. But then he decided he needed to pop up again and again, instead of staying down while we patted his back. He became a giant Mexican jumping bean--we'd lay him down, he'd pop up, we'd lay him down, he'd pop up--occasionally he wanted us to pick him up and then put him in his crib and then pick him up again and then put him back in his crib...

You get the picture. This is not cute during the day and it is infinitely more not cute at 2am, 4am, 5am, and 6am each night. After a week of these shenanigans, we finally decided we couldn't continue to live like this. And Judah was getting awfully sleep-deprived as well by our lack of 'boundaries'. 

But it's one thing to sleep-train a 6 month old baby. It's another thing entirely to train a toddler. Judah's so much older now and he can yell (boy can he yell) so much louder and make heartbreaking sounds like (maaaa-maaaaa!). And he could really hurt himself throwing himself against his crib bars.

But honestly, we felt like there was no other solution than to have him cry his eyes out on his own. So yesterday, we took a deep breath, put him in his crib, told him to lie down and go to sleep, and *gulp* shut the door behind us! (Well, technically we left it open a crack so we could sneak peeks at him).

Much to our amazement and infinite relief, he yelled with great fury and zeal for about 30 minutes and then collapsed to sleep in his crib. Phew!  He did have more crying jags during the night, but he settled himself down within 5 minutes or so each time.

This morning I told the Spouse that Judah seemed kinda sad when he woke up. Spouse is afraid we "killed his spirit". Well, if by "spirit" Spouse means Judah's motivation to yell at the top of his lungs until he gets what he wants, I think I'm kinda okay with that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Today, Gone Tomorrow

We were thrilled and delighted that it actually snowed while we were in Ohio.

At first the forecast said it would be too warm for snow, but luckily it was just cold enough to give us a light dusting. Judah was mesmerized and of course, totally perplexed by this white stuff.

If it didn't snow, all the snow gear I bought Judah JUST for this trip would've been all for nothing. Don't you hate how 'specialty' baby clothing is only a one-time deal? Like Halloween costumes, etc? Makes me sad that Judah's going to outgrow his adorable snow gear (look at this super cute ski-bib?!?!)--jacket, bib, shoes, gloves--before even next winter!

Judah enjoyed crunching on the snow but was scared to venture out on his own. He had to hold someone's hand the entire time. Maybe he got scared because he touched the snow early on (without gloves on) and howled from the painful cold sting.

Look how cute his little snow outfit is--matching right down to the boots!!!! I'm so sad he's not ever going to wear it again.

Sigh, at least we'll always have the pictures!

Oh yeah, and yay for family!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

24-7 365

This weekend I caught some awful flu bug and it sucked.

In the past, I actually didn't mind getting sick all that much.  As a kid, it led to staying home from school and watching tv all day, which I totally loved.  As an adult, it led to staying home home from work and watching tv all day--hey, why mess with what works?!

But as a mom of a little man, it totally sucks (when there's no one to help you out).

Forget passing out on the couch and recuperating with some netflix.  There's a small person running around, needing to be picked up, fed, diapered, napped and generally entertained.  And the cherry on top is you can't take regular cold meds if you're nursing (yep, still nursing!  Trust me, not really my idea here).

There is no calling in 'sick' as a mom.  There are no sick days for you to check out and not move a muscle while your head is pounding from congestion and your body is wracked with feverish aches.  Being a mom/parent is a 24-7, 365 gig and it is exhausting!

Thankfully Spouse was there to help a bit, but he was also sick and had weekend work.  Several times we looked at each other said an oft-repeated sentiment in this house--How in the world do single moms do it?!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Post Traumatic Shower Disorder

Warning: What you are about to see may be extremely disturbing due to its graphic nature. Young children are advised to leave the room before scrolling down.

Since birth, Judah has been terrified by the shower. I have no idea why. Judging from the look on his face, you'd think he was being sprayed with acid and not comfortably warm water.

I would be annoyed, but one of my earliest memories is crying in the shower when I was around 2 years old myself. My dad would try to give me a shower and I'd be howling my head off for no apparent reason.

I guess it runs in the family! Judah buried his bawling head in my legs pretty much the entire time we gave him a shower in Ohio, gripping on to a toothbrush for dear life. Poor guy.

Friday, January 06, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Ohio (and by funny, I mean, not funny)

For months I've been dreading our upcoming 5 hour flight with Judah. I panned the interwebz for advice and bought enough new toys, snacks, and books to entertain a village of toddlers, which I planned to break out only during the flight.

Well, on the day of, Spouse and I congragulated ourselves on a smooth morning--packing 6 bags, cleaning out the fridge, arriving at the Oakland Airport a whole hour early for our mid-morning flight. Judah enjoyed riding the long-term parking shuttle bus.

We were all smiles until we began scanning the flight monitor, looking for our gate. After a few seconds, Spouse looks down at our boarding passes and says--Did you know these say SFO?


Long pause...



My stomach sank to my knees. I involuntarily let out a string of curses, thankful that Judah was still too young to repeat what mommy says! Honestly, this is what a hyper-active toddler can do to you. Prior to Judah, we've never showed up at the wrong airport. Now I'm always losing my keys, wallet, cell phone, train of mind in general.

Thankfully we were able to get on a red-eye flight that night. This time we way over-did it and arrived at SFO two hours early (you know, in case we went to the wrong airport again!) I suppose it was good for Judah to run around the airport and tire himself out.

Judah handled staying up 3 hours past his bedtime surprisingly well. He was all energy and smiles--waving 'hi' to literally every person he saw and running up and down the walkway escalators no less than 38 times.  I call him my happy-drunk.

Our gate had a play structure for kids to climb on. Judah, delirious with sleepiness, probably thought he had died and gone to toddler heaven. He started hugging and shaking hands with all the other kids.

And then, minutes before we boarded, he finally had the much anticipated meltdown--screaming, wailing, the works. Thankfully we were able to nap him before we boarded and he basically slept the entire length of the flight, taking up the length of 2 seats.

So we didn't end up using the truckload of toys and snacks I bought for the occasion. The real lifesavers turned out to be (1) the ergo carrier which we used to nap him (thanks for that tip Mandi!) and (2) the extra plane ticket just for Judah (thanks Grandma and Neil for that much-needed extra room!)

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lobster An-duh The Crab

It was so great to spend part of the holidays with Peg and Isaac (and their lovely fam).

I haven't seen Isaac for over 6 months and was amazed at how much he's grown. Now at nearly 24 months old he's potty-training (check out his underoos in this pic!) and talking like crazy.

He knows a ridiculous amount of vocab in English and Mandarin and delighted everyone at the dinner table by saying "Lobster and (this was split into 2 syllables--'an-duh') the crab" (which is what we were having that night). Gotta love how asians party it up for the holidays with all you can eat seafood!

Anyway, his little voice was so cute (and it was so funny how he stuck in that random definite article) that Michael and I haven't been able to stop repeating that phrase to each other at random times now. Yes, I guess you can say that little Isaac has definitely changed our lives forever, for the better.