Friday, July 29, 2011

I Want Daddy!

Recently you've been reaching for your dad to hold you and rejecting ME! What is going on?! Up is down! Black is white! Left is right!

Honestly I couldn't be happier. I gladly unburden myself of your watermelon-weight and love that your dad now has to do more of the heavy-lifting around this house!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Great Judini

Lately you've become the fearless, flying Great Judini.

When we beckon you toward us you let go and hurtle headlong in our direction, giggling all the way.

Sometimes you fall forwards. Sometimes you fall backwards.

And sometimes you fall flat on your face cuz we didn't catch you in time. Poor baby. Surely it won't be long now before you start walking around all on your own. I must say that will be a great day for me and my aching arms and shoulders!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your First Words

Many parents recount their baby's first word with great certainty, but I doubt that is most parents' experience. In your case, I'm pretty sure you say a few things deliberately, but then again, you're not totally consistent.

You started babbling really young and I'm not sure if or when you've said your first word. But I do know that 3 words seem really special to you.

The first one is "da-da", which I first heard you declare while pointing right at your dad and smiling. This is probably your first word since you did it around 7 months.

The second one is "hi", which sounds more like "aieee" cuz you leave out the "h" sound. You say this while waving your hand and smiling at someone, often strangers at the grocery store. You also did this around 7 months.

Recently, you started saying "that", which first came out with a very aspirated ending, more like "dathththth", but now sounds more like "dat". You say this while pointing at all kinds of random things (that's right, you point now, no more wristing!)

My question is--when are you going to say ma-ma?!

The Cuz

Last week we went to visit your newborn cousin, your first and only so far--Manfred.

I marveled at how small and light he was, being only 4 weeks old.

You didn't seem too interested in Manfred, but you were plenty jealous when I kept holding him. You kept pawing at my shirt to nurse non-stop.

Here's you with Manfred's parents. Bet they can't imagine how Manfred will be as big as you one day, and that it will all happen in a blink of an eye.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I made you squeeze into this 9 month outfit (you currently wear 12-18 month sizes) because you look so darn cute in it! (Actually, your nanny dressed you in this and I did nothing to stop her).

I'm such a sucker for baby overalls--cutest apparel item ever!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Board Books are for Babies

Now that Judah's almost 1, he's grown tired of his board books. The only books that seem to capture his interest now are Dr. Seuss.

I thought I didn't have to deal with green eggs and ham for at least a couple years, but nope. It's all Seuss all the time now! I've practically memorized Hop on Pop.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nature Boy

Recently we took you to our favorite hiking spot. We used to hike here every week before you were born, but had to stop after you came along since you refuse to sit in your stroller.

We thought you might accept your stroller now that you're much older, but we were wrong! Not only do you not sit still, you now have the annoying habit of crying until we let you PUSH the stroller. Of course, this is all kinds of pointless and counter-productive.

Nevertheless you (and your exploding hair) got to enjoy some fresh air.

You skillfully and carefully walked around a tree trunk--no easy feat considering all the gnarly roots in the way. Good job baby!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just a sec' Mom... can change my diapers in a minute. I just have to send out this one email first...

Seeing Judah chew on my blackberry makes me feel bad for several reasons.

(1) It reminds me of work.
(2) The only reason he's obsessed with it is because he sees me on it all the time.
(3) I know I shouldn't let him chew it because it has toxic electronic particles, but I'm too tired to 'fight' with him. Honestly, anything that buys me 30 seconds of peace--I'm going to do it.

Nap Buddy

You love napping on your favorite sitter, Mur. The two of you snuggling together is the cutest sight!

Ordinarily I would be concerned that you'd get used this napping style, but I read somewhere that babies expect different napping methods from different people. So as long as you don't expect me to nap with you all the time, it's fine by me!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth (for Moms)

Recently we chanced upon a store called Rockridge Kids and it was like stumbling into a new-mom Disneyland of delight. They sold every single cool, hipster, innovative, hard-to-find, BPA-free, but very expensive baby gadget I've ever known or imagined.

They also had a ton of fun toys which kept you entertained for quite a while. Here's you and the giant bear. You were obsessed with poking the bear's eyes.

You loved the train table. I'm afraid Thomas the Train is going to be a requisite part of your future. So much for college--Thomas and his pricey friends are going to bankrupt us!

And they even had a little shopping cart so you can practice being a future homeless bum, just like the ones that walk down our street everyday.

(Aside: Mandi--if you're reading this, I totally thought of you as I walked along all the cute shops at Rockridge and ooh-ed and aah-ed at all their vintage and handcrafted boutiques. It reminded me of the Paisley Tulip ;-) If you ever come visit, we need to go here! I can't believe I've lived in the East Bay for 2 decades and only just now discovered this gem!)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Born on the 4th of July

Okay, that title has no relevance here, but it just has a better ring to it than "naked on the 4th of July".

These last few days have been hotter than heck so you've been dressing down accordingly.

Recently you've been really protesting your bedtimes and consequently pushing them later and later. I used to be able to nurse you to a nice sleepy state, but now nursing does nothing to make your lids close. Instead, we've been resorting to having you scream in your crib for 10-15 min each night until you finally tire yourself out. And while you scream you get so worked up your hair is dripping with sweat. It's so hard listening to you scream and wail bloody murder, poor baby.