Monday, July 12, 2010


If this is the day I've been waiting for for nearly 9 months, why do I feel so meh about it?

Didn't I hunger, pine, and groan for this blessed day--my last day of work before starting my maternity leave?

Then why do I feel exhausted, apathetic, and even stressed out now?

Because of The List. The long long loooooong list of chores, errands, and baby prep I've been accruing in my head.

Such a massive debt of "to-do's" have accumulated that my brain feels like it's going to hemorrhage. The list is so long and ponderous I can't even begin to record it onto paper. It's just a dark, fuzzy, shadow in my brain--menacing as distant thunderclouds.

All I can think of is--this baby BETTER not come early!

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