Monday, June 16, 2014

A Bad Dream

Today Judah recounted some dreams he had. One of them was just...weird.

In his own words (as well as I can remember):

Mommy, I remember the bad dream now.
I dreamed that Satan was actually more powerful than God and he could control God's mind. And he made God command us to do bad things, like fight and kill and hurt people.

Weird right? I mean who dreams about this kind of stuff? I guess it comes with being a pastor's kid.

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CP said...

Wow, so much deeper than my son's nightmares about cactus legos attacking him! You got a deep thinker on your hands!

BTW- I so meant to comment on your last post but time escaped me. I feel ya. I know I get adult chat at work but I never get that much-needed girl talk I always need. My husband is also very much an introvert!