Saturday, August 23, 2014

In Other News

Lately I've been having a crisis of confidence in blogging.

I guess with all the huge, momentous, tragic and otherwise issues going on in the world, blogging about my tiny little fiefdom seems so...uninspiring. It's like...

OMG ISIS is beheading children!
OMG another Malaysian airplane destroyed! (I know this was a long time ago, but still shocking)
OMG Robin Williams!
OMG Ferguson, Missouri!
OMG ebola outbreak!
OMG common core is starting!
OMG Jennifer Lawrence is dating Chris Martin!
OMG people have ALS and I'm now aware of that because of the ice bucket challenges thankyouverymuch.
OMG California is in a massive drought and I'm also aware of that because of the ice bucket challenges thankyouverymuch.

And yet, how I can I not blog about my two favorite little people? All day long they torture me and give me unspeakable joy all at the same time. They make me feel insufferably trapped, but have made me grow immeasurably more human. My world has shrunk but my heart has exploded.

I have nothing new to say about these 2 goofballs, but maybe some old phrases bear repeating - I love you to the moon and back.

You are my sunshine.

And I will never get enough of your naked dance parties.

Oh, that's not a line of a famous children's song or book? Well it should be.


CP said...

So sweet. Hearing about sad current events is so much harder when you become a mom. I feel so fortunate to live where my children are free from so many of the world's horrors and yet guilty that that stuff is happening to other people/children at the same time. I'm both thankful of our little bubble and insanely depressed by it. I mean, one day they will grow up and not be in my protective little bubble anymore. Or something horrible may happen to pop that bubble before I'm ready for them to be exposed to the harsh world. ugh. Being a mom is so emotionally taxing!

Peggy E. said...

What about blogging about both?

Alice in Wonderland said...

CP - true that. I can't imagine the pain and suffering of other moms around the world with little access to clean water, food, and education, not to mention ppl in areas of military unrest. Our kids are so freaking lucky.

Peg - good idea but no time! I barely have time to read about the events!