Thursday, March 12, 2015


Today I jokingly called Judah "Hilarious" and Judah jokingly acted offended.

Noah instantly jumped to his brother's defense and spurted out an amazing speech for a 25 month old.


Two full sentences! Whoah!

I always feel like Noah is my "bonus" baby. With Judah, I was so caring and attentive - always trying to make sure I was "developing" him well, reading to him, labeling things, eating all my prenatal vitamins. But I let everything slide with Noah. Too busy. Too tired.

If results correlated with effort, Noah should be a mute little toadstool. But he's just as talkative if not more so than Judah was at that age.

I call him my little Grumplestilskin.

And more importantly, he's hilarious too.

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