Monday, April 13, 2015

Actually, Or Else

Noah continues to impress me with his ever-growing language skills.

My baby who's not a baby.

A few weeks ago he demonstrated his grasp of the word "actually". Unfortunately he used it in the context of nursing (yes, we're still nursing, sort of, whole long story, no time for it now...), but whatever. He said:

Mommy, I want nurse boo-boo. [pause] Actually, I just want touch it.

(ew, gross, that's where I draw the line)

And then a couple weeks ago he demonstrated his grasp of the phrase "or else". As in:

Mommy, give me chocolate, or else I gonna cry.

How thoughtful of him to tell me how he's going to torture me, before he does it.


Kate Sherwood said...

That was very considerate of him.

You have to love the disconnect between the language development and the behavioral development.

CP said...

Ha ha, oh my!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Kate - so true! to learn to be a compassionate respecter of other persons will take a lifetime! Lord have mercy.