Thursday, January 28, 2016

F*ck Hearts

It was bound to happen.

Yesterday Judah said "F*ck you" and showed me the middle-finger.

He learned it from his friend at school and didn't know what it meant.

I proffered a kinda lame explanation but it was the best I could do. I just said it means I really really really really hate you.

And Judah responded, well, then, can I say F*ck you Satan?


Uh...your dad can explain it to you.

Later on that day Judah found his old notebook from preschool. He loved his preschool with all his heart and flipped through the pages fondly. But then he started picking off all the hearts he had pasted on the cover as decoration.

When we asked why, he explained that he was drawing a picture in class today and drew lots of hearts on it. A classmate came over and laughed at it and told him hearts are stupid.

Typical Judah drawing - abounding in hearts.

As the mom of a son who has drawn "hearts for love" as soon as he could hold a crayon, I died a little inside.

Thank you kindergarten.


Kindra said...

I died a little inside reading this. :(

CP said...

Ahhhh, other people's kids are jerks!!!

Tammy said...

Oh!! Other kids *are* jerks. I'm sorry! :( Judah is such a sweet, sensitive kid, isn't he?

Alice in Wonderland said...

Thanks friends! Unfortunately, the next kid to spread the anti-social views will now be mine! How quickly our innocence is gone - save yourselves! homeschool and live on a compound in Utah!

Unknown said...

Oh man! Parents have no idea what their kids hear from their own mouths and in turn kids repeat because they have no filter or understanding. Kids also watch unsupervised TV and hear inappropriate things all the time. It's sad. Kids should be free to be kids as long as possible.