Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 (New) Things I Like About You!

You think you really know someone, but then you live with them for a while and find out some interesting facts. Although I've known Alaberi for 3 years, I found out some quirky things from her recent visit:

1. She blogs right away! No procrastinating for this girl. Even if it's 1AM in the morning, she's uploading away. That's why her account of her visit is so much better than my nonexistent one (since I procrastinated too long!).

2. She was a Claymate. Was. She's now a Wang-Lee-Hom-mate.

3. But she wouldn't marry Lee Hom even if he proposed because he's "too hot" (her words, not mine).

4. She loves shoes and bags. And jewelry. My kind of gal.

5. She gets giddy when about to bake. And loves to share her joy.

6. She loves washing dishes!

7. She can sight-sing like a pro.

8. Joe Biden bores her to death.

9. She knows (or knows someone who knows) every single Asian Christian in NYC, Bay Area, and Hong Kong.

10. She's an awesome friend and great sister. (Ok, that's not something new--I've known that for a while now!)


Alaberi said...

AAAAHHHHH hilarious!!! And very creative. :D Spending a week with you was one of the biggest highlights of my bar trip.

p.s. I'm surprised you didn't add the part about cereal and milk. You were so shocked...

I love you!

gw said...

she should have added LA to the "knows every asian christian" list. :D