Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh Perchance to Sleep

The poor-quality fragmented sleep I've been getting for the last 8.5 weeks have really been taking a toll on my brain.

Last week I forgot whether I closed the front door or not.  When we swung back to check, turns out I hadn't!

I frequently forget what happened a mere 5 minutes ago.

My emails are riddled with typos.

So please be kind to moms of babies under age 6 months.  We can't remember what we just said, barely have time to eat and pee, and are basically zombies.

Especially when insomnia strikes.  Every few days, when I feel really REALLY tired, I will have one night where I can't sleep at all.  Well played, insomnia.  You win again.  And again.  And will again, I'm sure.

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