Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Not-so-well Checkup

Recently we went to the peds for Noah's 3 month well-check.

Turns out he's the same percentile as his 2 month self--16 lbs (95th) in weight, 25 inches (75-90th) in height, and 40 inches (50th) in head circumference.

Judah tagged along and felt like a very big-boy helper. I guess he's at that stage where he wants to "help" with everything.  Half the things he says now is "I can help you!"

He especially wanted to make sure he was there to comfort Noah when it was time for shots. But when the big moment came Judah folded like a cheap suit in pain and sympathy, awwwwww.  I ended up having to comfort Judah who was much more shell-shocked than Noah.

Two babies crying from shots--one of them vicariously.

My most pressing question for the doc was--why is Noah's nose so stuffed? The last week and a half have been so torturous with no end in sight. The doctor said it was probably back to back colds compounded by unusually small nasal passages. If the problem doesn't get better in two weeks we could get an x-ray if we wanted.

This was not the answer I hoped for (wait and see, nothing to do) so I got a second opinion from the urgent care doctor, who basically told me the same thing again.

Meanwhile I've been referring to Noah as the little buzz-saw or baby Darth Vader. Either way, it kinda sucks.

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