Monday, April 29, 2013


I just have to note that this is the grossest period of Judah's life so far.

I realize now that poop and pee I have no problem with.

But what totally grosses me out is drool and snot--which, sadly, oozes out of Judah in abundance.  The boy does not seem capable of keeping his saliva in his mouth.  When he gets excited, when he's talking, when he's eating, frankly, anytime of the day, large puddles of drool form below him.

And the snot.  The endless snot.  Ever flowing and getting wiped all over his crusty face.  And to make matters worse, Judah's really into picking his nose now.  At all times of the day the boy is busy digging for gold.

It's gotten so bad I actually reflexively recoil when he wants to hug me.  I'll make a mad dash for the nearest paper towel, wipe down his face, and then give him a hug.  And even then I usually end up with some giant wet spot on my shirt, or God forbid, on my arm if I'm wearing something sleeveless.  Eeeeeeew.

But Noah doesn't seem to mind.  Shortly after this picture was taken I saw a long string of drool travel from Judah's mouth down to Noah's hair.

I really can't explain this.

I was horrified but Noah was all, eh, no big deal.

Another reason why babies are awesome.

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CP said...

Oh my gosh! They are so adorable! Their adorableness must be the fuel that keeps you going through the tiredness and hard moments. Bottle it up!

Love your sweet kids!