Monday, August 12, 2013

The New Boy

Judah's first day at preschool went really well.

After meeting his classmates for about 5 minutes, he said "Bye mommy," indicating that he was basically ready for me to get back in my car and drive away.

Well that was easy!

Before I left he asked "When you gonna pick me up?"  I explained that after lunch and nap time and some more playing I would come back, just like at the daycare.  He said "Okay, hug (we hugged), kiss (we kissed), bye mommy."

So brave, so strong, my little big boy.

As always it was me that had the hardest time--wondering what he was doing and how he was getting along with the other kids.  It helped that there were some very adorable and outgoing kids in his class--3 of them instantly introduced themselves to me and rambled on about random things.  Of course, being the overprotective mom, I told them "I'm Judah's mommy.  It's his first day.  Can you help him get settled?"

When I picked him up at the end of the day he was sitting with his classmates playing with play-do.  He said he had fun, liked his new school, and had a good day.  He had one pee accident during quiet time and didn't fall asleep on his napping mat.  But on his daily report his teachers wrote that he had a great first day.

I hope things continue to go well, but I know at least one thing that's bound to get nasty--the germ situation.  They say kids get sick at least 12 times the first year they are in preschool.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to that.


Christy said...
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CP said...

(dang, I posted earlier under the wrong account.)

Yay! Glad it went so well. Gosh, I wish I could meet Judah in real life. He sounds so sweet!

My kids are watched during the day by a woman who helps in her mom's daycare. The first four months, someone was always sick with a runny nose. Coughs came and went. They each got two fevers during that time as well. Things appear to have gotten better the last month (fingers crossed!)