Friday, January 24, 2014

Batboy and Chubs

This post is just a shameless vehicle for me to do what I really want to do--post these hilarious/cute pics of my kids.

Ever since Judah got this Batman costume for Christmas he's been loving it.  He very, truly, believes he morphs into a superhero when he dons it.  I mean, just check out the serious air with which he looks himself over in the mirror.  He obviously thinks he's a badass with that costume on--nevermind the cutesy penguin pajama bottoms.

At age 3.5 he has fully transitioned from a toddler who loved a variety of boy things--cars, policemen, trains--to a preschooler who loves one singular thing only--superheros.

As for Noah, he's getting more freaking adorable by the day.  Man I'm going to miss his baby days when he starts really thinning out.

Don't you think his facial expression here deserves an internet meme of his own?

Like: Seriously, you did what?
Or: Amiright?
Or: Really mom? Mac 'n' cheese again?

Okay, I'm tired, I can't think of any good memes.  Gold star for anyone who comes up with something better.


CP said...

Love the pic of Judah. what skinny legs compared to his ripped pecs! Ha ha.

Noah caption: "I'm cooking a nice big poop for mom."

Alice in Wonderland said...

ha ha ha, yeah he's a little top heavy. love the noah caption! and prob too true.