Friday, January 03, 2014

The Humble Dandelion

Eventually I'll find the time to do some kind of end of year/new year post.  But for now, I just want to do something quick and dirty.

The other day we played in an open field full of dandelions.  Those downy seedlings will always be magical to me.  And to Judah.  Since his earliest days he's loved them.

There are few things as transcendent as watching your child blow those puffy balls into the air and speaking his wishes, like a perfect physical representation of what it means for his soul to dream and hope.

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Although the wonder of it all is a little dampened when you realize the childish mundanity of their requests.  With each exhale, Judah wished for a "T-Rex gunner car."  (That's some kind of ungodly creation consisting of a t-rex and a car with a gun on it, like a tank).

Oh well, I guess world peace and the fulfillment of our cosmic longing for meaning and love is still a bit too lofty for a three year old.  But that's my wish for us all for 2014.  Happy new year!

(Addendum: A few days later Judah found more dandelions and repeatedly wished for "that I get a cooler toy than Noah."  Yeah, this guy is definitely not the Dalai Lama.)

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