Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Or So I've Heard

Today the Spouse relayed to me this incident:

While flossing Judah...
Judah: Daddy I love you this much. [Judah holds his fingers very close together, a sign of miserly affections.]

Judah: But I love Miss Lydia (Judah's dour pre-school teacher) this much. [Judah flings his arms wide open. This is pretty damning because Judah often says he hates Miss Lydia.]

Spouse: Why do you love me so little Judah?

Judah: Because you floss me! I hate flossing!

In conclusion the Spouse realized he was "flossing Judah's love away" and so from now on it will be my task to floss the child.


In other news, Judah's babysitter told me that Judah punched a first-grader in the nose today. They were playing at a local elementary school playground and a boy was apparently "getting in Judah's face and really annoying him" and Judah finally just straight-up punched him.

The babysitter was shocked, as was I, since Judah has never punched anyone before and he's not really a physical person anyway.

Maybe his obsession with super-heroes has gone a little too far...


CP said...

I love that Judah has made floss an entirely different kind of verb!

Hey, at least he's standing up for himself (and he didn't even start it!)

Alice in Wonderland said...

I know...I'm secretly (very secretly) kinda proud of him!

Winn said...

Oh no! Being at a school where many kids are witnesses to violence, we teach them to never solve problems with hitting. Words like "I'm going to kill you," whether playing or joking is also never tolerated and taken very seriously these days. I've seen Judah punch kids on various occasions, sometimes playing, sometimes not. Best to cut these before entering school.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yikes! Thanks Winn! I had no idea he punched other kids! Well, guess who's going to have some long talks about keeping their hands to themselves. I def need to get some books about no hitting!