Sunday, July 05, 2015

On a clear day you can see for miles

Every week, now that the Spouse is on sabbatical, we try to do one "fun" family outing.

Last week we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley. It's a pretty awesome science museum with lots of kid-friendly displays, but I could tell 99% of it went right past Judah's head.

Judah stands in front of his robot - Noah could not hold still for ANYTHING.

But at least we still had fun "building" a robot and we got to spend it with his cousins (only one of them pictured here).

These kids have so much Berkeley in their genes - they would repel all things Stanford.

I can't wait until the kids are a couple years older. I can imagine us going here often and hanging out at Berkeley the rest of the day. Gosh darn it I love Berkeley.

I love the vibe of the city - the grittiness and hippy-dippyness and general love of sticking a giant metaphorical middle finger in the eye of convention and authority.

And it's also where the Spouse and I met, a thousand years ago when I was a sophomore and he was a senior. There is an amazing view of the Berkeley/Oakland/SF area at Lawrence Hall and I forced the Spouse to do something he hates - take a selfie.

I love "our" city...oh yeah, and this guy standing next to me too.

He tried to get Campanile (the Berkeley bell tower) - the location of so many early dating memories - in the middle of our shot and he did a pretty good job...but screwed up his facial expression in the process, oh well.

We went on a pretty clear day and it was such a treat to look down and see with such clarity all the places I've been. This picture is my whole adult life -from age 18 to when we moved away 2 years ago.

Home sweet home.

All the angst and coming-of-age confusion and despair. On this clear day, I saw for miles.

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Prakash Bhave said...

I love those views of Berkeley. You lived there for 16 years? How lucky for you. Go Bears!