Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Twenty Minutes to Eternity

This afternoon we were chillaxin' in our backyard, mellowed out in the 90 degree heat, when Judah grabs my iPhone and starts snapping away.

All these pics were taken by him (and a lot more that I didn't include) in the span of about 20 minutes. The life and times of an almost 5 year old on a random day in Summer - one day I'm certain I will want to live in these photos forever.

Noah enters the scene - the plot thickens, as always.

So many lunches and snacks get consumed on this spot.

Our shady backyard - the most used "room" in our house!

I thought I was watching Judah take a selfie - nope, apparently not.

This pool was perfect for the kids 2 years ago - they need to stop growing already!

Our new play structure - a gift from our neighbors.

Judah took a million pictures of this structure - it's like he's trying to sell it on craigslist.

One of the many pics of various angles of the structure - I deleted an album full.

The spot where Judah has an "office" and digs for dinosaur bones, and irreparably damages all his pants.

Judah kept telling us to say "Aaaaaah-baaaaah" which is kind of like saying "cheese." We cheerfully complied.

Another craigslist item for sale?

The essence of Noah - oblivious and sipping mango juice.

Judah discovers he can turn the camera on himself.

Judah attempts to do a group selfie but I end up using my longer and much steadier arm.

Me and my faithful sidekicks - every day all day.

Judah wanted a selfie with just me. Now that he's getting older and much more independent, I try to kiss him as much as he'll let me.

Judah loved the "kissing selfie" and wanted one of him kissing me. I forgot who pressed the button but I'm glad someone did.

Judah claims he will always love me and will force his poor wife to live right next door to me and have dinner with me every day. He denies, with tears in his eyes even, that he will ever move far away. But observing all the sons in the world who maintain great distances from their mothers, I'm not holding my breath.

But on this day, on this afternoon, we had it all.


Portia said...

This is so great! What a treasure!!

Also that hat is fabulous.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Thanks Portia! As for the hat, I hunted high and low and finally realized that great fedoras are only found in the men's department.

CP said...

I LOVE your backyard! It's perfect for kids and so shady. I love this post as a little taste of your typical day :) your boys ARE growing so fast!