Monday, October 12, 2015

A Week in the Life

I don't have any organized thoughts so here's a random sampling of our week...

--I caught a nasty bug and got my first cold of the season. Getting sick always makes me think about ingesting more veggies, which always makes me think about buying a Vitamix, which then makes me wonder if they've invented a version that doesn't leave tiny teflon flakes in the blender mix...have they? Anyone know this?

Sick mommy = lots of eating chips in front of the t.v. No complaints from this kid.

--I found a new favorite show: The Great British Baking Show. It's a PBS baking competition and feels like Project Runway meets Chopped. I've been binging on it non-stop and now find myself speaking in a vaguely British accent to the kids sometimes. Carry on!

--Noah's preschool teacher got fired. Drama. Ugh.

Random picture. Because cute.

--I went to my first parent-teacher conference. I love Judah's teacher! She's perfect! But she's going on maternity leave after winter break, argh.

--I've been enjoying doing various legal contract work projects while the kids are in school. Yup, my first paying job after 2.5 years as a SAHM. I love that it's very low-key - I can literally work just 2 hours a day in the comfort of my own home. And surprisingly, I realized that I actually really truly miss my old friends: legal provisions, case law and contract construction principles. Really, I do!

--All the kids want me to do all day long is wrestle and tickle-fight. And because I'm obsessed with food I often pretend that their tummies are my favorite foods - chocolate cupcakes and bacon. So now, when they jump on me Judah announces - I'm bacon! And Noah proclaims - I'm chocolate!

Forget laundry - "bacon" and "chocolate cupcake" are attacking. Again.

Delish! Now if only I could get my food without a side of foot-in-my-face.

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