Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oh fun

Two-year-olds are so mean.

Noah made me cry in the car today with this conversation:

Noah: I gonna be three on my birthday Mommy!

Me: Yes, you are!

Noah: I gonna be a big big boy. No more baby, Mommy. You sad you have no more baby.

Me: Yes, Mommy is so sad her baby is all grown up.

Noah: You miss your cute cute cute little baby.

Me: Yeah, I do.

Noah: Your baby's gone! No more baby!


This is the chubby guy I think of when Noah taunts me about losing my baby - now excuse me while I bawl.

In other news, Judah slammed his finger in the car door last weekend. His finger swelled to twice its size and his nail turned completely black.

Judah is the kind of kid that freaks out when I dip his hand into lukewarm water to soften his skin in preparation for taking out a tiny speck of a splinter. So you can imagine the hysterics when his finger was throbbing with pain and looked like something out of Mordor.

Kids. Never a dull moment.

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