Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Things

Knowing this will probably be my last Summer of staying at home with the kids (I'm planning on going back to work in the Fall), I'm trying to pack in as much fun as I can.

This weekend we visited one of our sleepy little town's hidden gems - a small lake that does a great job simulating a real beach experience.

Although we've lived here for 4 years now, this was my first time taking the kids there and they had a blast! Although you couldn't tell from looking at this guy:

Mr Grumples at the beach. I want go home now! - he whined loudly and repeatedly.

Mr Sunshine at the beach - with his trunks on backwards, oh well.

Next on the SAHM Summer Bucket List - Going to the County Fair! We chose a really nasty hot day to go - hello sunburns! But we were all pretty pumped anyway as this would be our first time (and the first time in my ENTIRE life) going to the fair.

At the ticket counter - we could not be more excited!

First the spouse went on a ride with Judah and realized he now has "old person ride syndrome" where you get really nauseous on even the gentlest rides.

Whelp, his ride riding days are over.

And then I went on a ride with the kids and realized I too have "old person ride syndrome". Man, we're old.

Whelp, my ride riding days are over too!

Needless to say, the next few rides Judah just went on by himself. This kid used be afraid of everything (really, read my blog archives, like, literally the wind). So how the heck did he turn into the fearless kid going down the super slide by himself?! I don't even know this guy.

Judah finally does something that actually scares me!

The kids were most excited to do 2 things at the fair - eat cotton candy and go on the Ferris wheel. And so that is just what we did.

Sugary tufts of air - who invented this AMAZING THING?!

Although I've been to amusement parks a few times, this was indeed the very first time I've been on Mr. Ferris' ingenious invention. I was probably more excited than the kids.

They've only seen this giant wheel on books and would often talk about whether they would be brave enough to actually ride it. Even during the car ride to the fair Judah backed down several times and said - No! I'm too scared! I can't go on the Ferris wheel!

But with one parent sitting with each kid, they mounted the contraption serenely and we were all delighted to find this monstrous wheel was in fact as gentle as a lamb. Except for the spouse, who gripped onto Judah like a lifeline - apparently he is seriously afraid of heights, who knew?

A few seconds. A lifetime. A gift.

But for me, I relished the view from the top.

It all seemed like one giant metaphor that I have yet to figure out.
A kind of haiku for life:

Circles, turning
Breathtaking, Sky, Blue, Sun

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