Monday, June 20, 2016

Their Dad

For many years, I didn't quite appreciate the spouse's role as a parent.

The kids vastly preferred me and more or less ignored their father, or even saw him as an Oedipal competitor. Freud was really on to something!

Five years ago, when I sorta felt like a single parent.

When the kids were babies, the spouse would get exhausted with them after just a few minutes (it seemed to me). He would always say "this is just not my stage. I'll be a great parent when they're older!"

Well, now that Judah is almost 6, I'm seeing the truth in that more each day.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that they have such a good, good father.

The spouse is daily diligent to impart truth and wisdom to Judah. He has one-on-one time with Judah nearly every day and uses that time to talk about character, virtue, and eternal things. The stuff that really matters. The things that will shape the inner man.

Is there anything more essential?

But more than that, their father is the embodiment of unconditional love and support. If they express interest in something, their dad is always their number one supporter and encourager in that thing. A few weeks ago Judah saw ribbon-dancing in a Taylor Swift video and instantly connected with the beauty and artistry of it.

So what did the spouse do?

Despite having very little interest in the arts himself, he looked up a bunch of ribbon-dancing videos with Judah on You Tube. And the next day ordered some $2 ribbons for him from Amazon.

No judgement. No gender biases. Nothing but 100% support and encouragement.

Judah, age 1: holding a toy bus bought by dad, because Judah expressed interest in buses of course!

Judah (and Noah) is one lucky kid.

And, if his stated career goals work out, one awesome future ribbon-dancing ninja assassin.

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