Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Aaaaaaahhh...I love you, internet.

I'm soooo happy to be blogging again.

My long drought of "no internet service" is finally over. Stupid Verizon took freaking 2 weeks to get my line up and ready! argh!

I do so miss blogging. I never realized I liked it so much.

Ok. Now for some catching up...

Major events that have happened since I moved:
1. Moving. Here are some pics from our maiden voyage. (Click on any pics to enlarge)

What is behind door #10...?

Why, our living/dining room, of course!

And here is our kitchen.

And we love our nook...at the end of the very long kitchen. Notice the typical literature respective of Michael and me. He has a Time magazine on his side, I have a Neiman Marcus catalogue.

My first taste of Sandersonias. Delightful.

2. Our 2nd Anniversary.

Delphiniums for the happy couple.

We went to the Boston Commons to celebrate. Apparently, Massachusetts is so special that it calls its parks "commons." We walked down the posh Beacon St. and shopping district that housed Burberry, Louis Vuiton, etc...and boasts the residences of Senator Kerry and the like.

We also went to our corner market. The cutest corner market ever.

Ok...this blog is getting to be too long and time consuming. I'll put up more later.

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