Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mahnolo v. Monogamy

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be single.

Watching Sex in the City (SIC) makes me think I'm really missing out. A whole city full of adventure and possibilities. I can imagine myself in fabulous clothes, working in a high-rise and never using my kitchen (for cooking anyway).

Even though I haven't even been married for 2 years now, it feels more like 6 since Michael and I started dating when I was 19. Nineteen. Everytime I say that number it reminds me of some magical time, long ago, when I was young and the world was wide open.

I've been so curious about singledom I even made the horrible faux pas of asking a single gal I just met at church, How's it like being single? And as soon as the words flew out of my mouth, I wish I could've taken them back...cause she was 31 and, well, didn't look very happy.

But when I seriously consider how life could've been, I must admit it probably wouldn't have been so great. To be a successful single, you have to be outgoing and optimistic. You have to believe everything will work out for you in the end (married or not). And you have to have a social network that takes care of you like a second family.

Well, I'm notoriously antisocial and pessimistic and even strike some as a cynic! So clearly, I would be a bitter lonely old maid, never meeting new people and never keeping in touch with old ones. I would find fault with any man that crossed my path and never trust my friends enough to feel un-alone. Instead of mingling and mixing, I would be home with a bucket full of fried chicken and enough video rentals to get me through each weekend.

God knows I would've been one bitter old misanthropic grinch.

But still, if one show can make this grinch feel like she might be missing out during the holidays, it would be SIC.

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Suz said...

This is a great review. I recently watched this show for the first time and it excited similar questions in me. In the end, though, it excited revulsion. Why would I want to be single and living like these girls, attractive and successful though they are, when my life is so much fuller they way it is?

Great post.