Thursday, November 03, 2005


What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would sing.
I would have kids, gobs of them.
I would stop avoiding people.
I would throw lots of dinner parties.
And I would enter the Ms. Universe Pagent.
Oh, and run for president.


Beckett Amelia Hughes said...

you ask such good questions =).

if i knew couldn't fail i would be
a)be a doctor(which i shooting for now)
b) be an actress or a screenplay writer
c)i would ask out the boy i kind of do/don't have a crush on
d) eliminate some global harship(oh find a cure for aids)
e) and move from this dump, unafraid and ready for whatever lies before me. I wouldn't be afraid to be happy, or scared...i would just be free if i knew i couldn't fail at reaching complete happiness with myself and everything around me

nafrica said...

I would do open-air preaching at Harvard Sq.

nafrica said...
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nafrica said...

no wait, I would do open-air preaching in Mecca in the central mosque.

Infinity8Ball said...

I would stop sinning. =^/

melissa said...

wow, i have no deep ambitions at all apparently. your other responders seem to be much better at this. my first reaction was:

after that, i thought
win american idol!
and i thought win the apprentice, but i dunno how i feel about trump as a boss.

hmm... if i couldn't fail...

ooo ooo bake a souffle and make peking duck. and and... play that machine with the claw that grabs stuffed animals at arcades.

i think the problem is that i must subconsciously secretly believe i can succeed at anything i want to. except for all of the above, things that require skill or dumb luck.

oh GOSH why didnt i think of it...
LOSE 20 pounds. that'd be tight.

Alice in Wonderland said...

ha ha ha. Melly you're hilarious! I didn't know you wanted to be an American Idol.

melissa said...

i dont.
but it sounded a lot more plausible than wanting to win in survivor. i mean, gosh, to win that you have to eat nasty things, not shower etc etc. i would much rather just karaoke myself to fifteen minutes of fame. way easier.