Thursday, June 12, 2008

Even the bar is better in California!

Now that I've been on California soil for almost a week, it's starting to sink in how superior this golden state is to New England.

I love the temperate weather, the lack of sporadic rain showers, the wide boulevards, even studying for the bar has become so much more bearable here! Dare I say it, my life has actually taken on a rather relaxing rhythm:

Wake up, study.
Lunch break, study.
Chore break, study.
Go to bar lectures,

It also helps tremendously that this temporary sublet has no tv and internet. For entertainment I'm now resorting to looking at the pictures saved on my computer--how sad is that! Oh internet shopping, if only I could peruse your virtual aisles once again...

The last bar lecturer I've had was fantastic: David Epstein. Don't let the name fool you. I expected a typical Jewish looking fellow. Instead, the man is blond-haired, fair skinned, and sports the thickest Texan accent I've ever heard!

He has an uncommon love for Sharon Stone and manages to work her into most of his hypotheticals. The key point in the hypo also always manages to turn on whether or not Sharon Stone was doing something rather intimate with being in the shower. I kid you not, that was an actual dispositive fact!

On the last day of his lectures Epstein suprised us all by wearing a t-shirt. Most lecturers sport a button-down and tie. On the shirt was a picture of the lovely Sharon Stone with her name on it. Halfway through the lecture his microphone clip slips and he fumbles to clip it back to his shirt. While doing so he says in his thick accent, "I'm sorry to have to fondle Ms. Stone in front of y'all." The class erupts in laughter and Epstein flushes a deep red.

I love this guy.

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