Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Look Same

Some cheeky new paralegal stopped me in the hallway today and said, "Bonnie, I can't find the binders."

I was like, "Bonnie who?"

I've never met new girl so I thought I would introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Alice. We haven't met. And you are?"

I think she said Daisy and proceeded to say, something to the effect of, yeah, I know you. I handed you a binder on this litigation case yesterday.

And I was like, no you didn't cuz I'm not even in litigation and I definitely didn't get no binder from you.

And we just stared at each other for a second.

And I started to feel really annoyed that this person was telling me she gave me binders and NOT backing down on her story when I think I would know better than anyone in the world that she did NOT give me binders.

Whatever. All asian females of a certain age must look the same to her. And that's not racist cuz she's asian too. A dumb, blind asian. Ok, that's mean--maybe she's truly handicapped in the visual department.

But she never backed down and said, "Oh, I guess it wasn't you," or anything to that effect. She just kept staring at me like suddenly I would remember that I WAS a litigator and that she DID give me some random binder on a case I've never heard of.

I just walked away after our staring contest. And had to vent about it.


Tammy said...

How rude! She better hope she never ends up as your paralegal!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah. And I was all prepared to like her too cuz she's so cute. Good looking, great style, and the cutest Asian Halle Berry pixie style hair.