Thursday, October 01, 2009

Back on the wagon

Okay, I've totally fallen off the blogging wagon.

I hate when other bloggers have huge absences of more than a week and now I've become one of "them".

It's just so hard to get back on the wagon after a week or so. Too much crap happens and then you just get used to not updating...and then the pressure mounts to write the entry and the avoidance kicks in...and then it's too daunting to try to summarize everything...

But here's a quick attempt. Sigh, this reads like a twitter account--maybe that is the way of the future:

1. Flew to NYC for work. Highlight--visiting EmDash at her offices, my hotel room. Lowlight--everything else.

2. Flew to Chi-town for work. Highlight--visiting for the first time, my hotel room. Lowlight--everything else.

3. Lost my vacation due to work, then got it back partially after talking to the bosses, then proceeded to feel guilty throughout my vacation because my boss had to finish my project for me and I took off more time than originally planned because of the way the project timing worked out and wasn't sure if that was really authorized by the boss.

4. Tried to enjoy my staycation even though I felt guilty the whole time.

5. Still on said staycation.


Alaberi said...

yay for being back on the wagon! :D
I see that you very much enjoy hotel rooms. When you finally come visit me for VACATION (not work) you will find that my apartment is not as nice as a hotel...but my sheets are softer. And I have lots of smiling and furry faces on my bed to welcome you.
Don't feel guilty - you have earned your staycation!
(hugs) Think of these years as your wilderness and desert years. You'll have an exodus one day.

Alice in Wonderland said...