Friday, October 09, 2009

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

Most people love to travel far away on their vacations, but that's just not how we kick it cuz:

(a) M hates long car and plane rides;

(b) We are the cheapest people you'll ever meet; and

(c) We live in one of the most beautiful tourist-magnets in the world!

Here are some things we did in our own "backyard"...

(1) The Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge.
You know, you can be married to someone for 6+ years (and dating for 5) and still find out new things! Like, I never knew that M had never been to the Golden Gate Bridge (until we went on our staycation).

Classic San Fran--the red bridge and the fog!

(2) Muir Woods National Monument
Just in time to appreciate Ken Burns' new documentary on PBS!

If you keep walking beyond the "tourist" trail, you soon find yourself in what seems like a pristine Eden, untouched by the destruction of man--the Land Before Time.

But if you're like me, watching way too many murder shows, you start to freak out because you realize the Zodiac killer targeted couples going on hikes in remote locations...and then you realize the Zodiac killer has never been caught...and then you start imagining horrific possibilities...I'm too young to die! We're turning back!

This pic gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Love Bug'. We must've gone during mating season cuz everywhere there were these gross clumps of ladybug orgies doing things that would make hedonists blush.

(3) Golden Gate Park
Although we've been here before, we feel like it would take another 50 hours to fully explore the meandering scenic pathways scattered throughout this oasis of natural beauty. Everywhere I turned my head, there were just these perfectly landscaped "moments" of visual bliss.

(4) I met Baseball Hall of Famer--Rickey Henderson!
I'm not into baseball at all, but it doesn't matter. A celebrity is a celebrity and this was my first celeb-sighting! I'm so hooked I want to go to LA and NYC to hunt more down!

(And he signed my shirt! My first celebrity autograph!)

Rickey came out to celebrate a baseball field that was named in his honor--Rickey Henderson Field, which is the field for his alma mater, Oakland Tech. I have the great fortune of being the main pro bono lawyer helping the nonprofit group that constructed and maintains the field.

Yes, sometimes lawyers feel GOOD about their job. It's rare, but it happens!


Tammy said...

What a great post! Your Muir Woods trip and that special look into the workings of your mind was hilarious! hahaha I'm glad there are some good things about your job Christina! Next staycation: Tea at the Ritz. Nah, let's do it before your next staycation.

Alice in Wonderland said...

You got it Tam. Can't wait to Ritz it up with you! You are my official Lady Who Lunches with me. We should dress up! We should dress up in matching outfits! Okay, tell me if I'm going too far...

Tammy said...

Dude, no too far about it. We shall gather up our best pastels and make it an afternoon to remember :)