Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Look Who's Walking Now!

You started walking right before your first birthday, but it was so gradual I can't really say when it began. When we took these pictures a few weeks back, it was the first time we felt like you definitely found your feet and were exalting in your newfound freedom.

Since you never learned to crawl, but were always insatiably curious, you were hyper-motivated to learn to walk. The period right before you found your legs was pretty torturous for me and your dad. Our backs broke holding your little hands so you could cruise around and we felt so bad everytime you bled all over yourself from falling during brief moments of letting go.

I'll always see this period as one giant metaphor for child-rearing--a balance of freedom and restraint, protection and exposure, blood, guts, tears, and finally...independence!

To borrow a phrase from one of your favorite books--O the places you'll go!

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