Friday, November 09, 2012

Oh Yeah, Did I Mention I'm on "Vacation"?

So I'm technically on vacation this week (and the next 5 weeks to come).

But don't start hating cuz it's not awesome at all.

"Vacation" does NOT mean relaxation, going to a fun destination, eating some amazing meals, or even getting a little bit pampered with a mani/pedi.

"Vacation" means packing up years of accumulated crap in boxes, wrangling endlessy with a 'strong willed' toddler, and dealing with contractors who are walking all over my naturally accommodating and compliant disposition.  Man do I hate conflict.  So much so that I may have been known to let contractors charge me an extra $500 for stuff that clearly, according to the contract, they should not.

We are moving into the new house in  T-8 days and it is FAR from fun.

Vacation schmacation.


CM said...

This week... and the next five weeks? Did you escape from biglaw?

Good luck with all the packing and moving! You know the only thing worse than packing? Unpacking...

CM said...

Or, wait a second, are you already on maternity leave?

Alice in Wonderland said...

Ha! Yeah, I'm not looking forward to unpacking either!

Didn't quite escape from biglaw yet but it's going to be a nice long break--6 weeks vacation + 4 weeks disability leave + 4 month maternity leave + 6 weeks paid family leave.

At some point, hopefully it will feel awesome.