Thursday, January 24, 2013

Whobody Wants Some Money?

Sometimes Judah says things that are so endearing I actually end up adopting his sayings (even though I know I'm sometimes reinforcing bad grammar--oh well, yolo).

Judah-ism #1 (said around 1.5 years old, has stopped saying it for awhile now but it was so cute): My do it!
Translation: I'll do it myself.

Judah-ism #2 (said around 2): Hey, noooo!
I just love how he has to say "hey" before he says no.

Judah-ism #3 (said recently): Whobody...?
As in: Whobody wants some money?
Judah says this while throwing a fistful of fake coins in the air.


CP said...

So cute! I love "Whobody" I think it should become a word! My son calls hedgehogs "hedgehodges" and he calls mohawks "mohogs." I've started to say those phrases too!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hedgehodges and Mohogs--love it! I'd be even more delighted if he used those words on a daily basis!