Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Week 3

I've been doing a lot of mental comparisons between Judah's early days and Noah's, trying to figure out if I lucked out this time and finally got an "easy" baby.

So far, the jury's still out, but I'm leaning towards the "easy" baby label with Noah.  The dude sleeps a lot.  Which is why almost every picture we have of him is like this:

He eats, sleeps, poops, and repeats.  At this age, Judah would already have 4-5 hour wake-periods, which were mostly spent screaming his head off.  And the only way to calm him down or help him sleep was to bounce him on an exercise ball while wearing him in the ergo carrier.  I spent 8-10 freaking hours PER DAY doing that for the first 3 months of his life.  Ugh.  Gotta love colick.

But Noah isn't that easy as he's starting to exhibit symptoms of bad reflux problems, similar to what Judah had as well.  I've decided it's time to start with the probiotics and see if that helps.  Just sent the spouse to the nutrition store to buy some baby-dophilus so...fingers crossed.

Either way, I am loving life with my new little man.  He's so cuddlicious and yummcious. Yes, the cuter you are, the more I feel the need to make up words to describe your cuteness.

I seriously can't stop putting my noise right over his mouth and taking a deep drag, like a crack addict getting her next hit.  Seriously, baby's breath is the most intoxicating smell on earth.  They need to sell this as a perfume so I can always get my fix.

Quick!  Take a picture!  I'm awake for 5 minutes!

And his cheeks.  His round plumpy cheeks!  The poor guy gets pecked to death with kisses constantly.

And I can't stop rubbing his soft baby head of hair.

Mommy's drug of choice

Mommy loves her some newborn!

Judah has been adjusting surprisingly well to me constantly cuddling and inhaling this new little man.  Judah lets me nurse and hold Noah as much as I need to, as long as Judah gets his "nursing" time right after.

Don't worry, I'm not nursing my two year old.  Judah just wants me to simulate the comforting closeness by cuddling him while he drinks his COW'S milk bottle.

I really do have to give Judah credit for his generally generous nature.  Just yesterday he told me the following hierarchy of preferences:

Mommy is my favorite person. (Yay me!)
Daddy is my favorite daddy.  (Hilariously specific)
Noah is my favorite baby. (Yay Noah!)

So far so good!

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