Friday, September 16, 2005

1 in 25 Million

I saw some bizarre things on TV today.

Oprah did a special show on identical twins where one twin has a sex change. These are identical twins, mind you. Same DNA, same everything. So, why the big difference?

(Brenda and Bonnie were identical twins. Bonnie changed her name to Aidan and looks drastically different since taking testosterone pills.)

Scientists propose that the womb environment for twins can cause drastic differences. They may not get the same hormonal developments due to being squished in a smaller space, getting less blood, or any number of yet unstudied factors.

It was compelling how each of the ex-Janes felt about their identities. They felt like the other gender all their lives, starting from early childhood. They lived in a constant depressed state. Many were suicidal. No one wanted to accept the creeping suspicion that they had a gender disorder. Who would?

I was moved to near tears for the grief and isolation these ex-Janes felt for so long. The one choice that made them feel finally free and liberated was their sex change. One person likened her sex change to a cancer patient finally being free of cancer. "I just feel utter relief," she/he said.

How could anyone pass judgment on these ex-Janes? I can't and won't and thankfully don't have to.


konycrayola said...

Eesh. Scary and sad. A strange world we live in. And a strange species we are.

Hope your boston blues are better!

Infinity8Ball said...

Did they explain what a gender disorder is?

'Cause from all I've heard, there's really no biological explanation for it. (Unless, of course, in those very rare instances that a person is born with both sets of genetalia, and a "choice" is made by the parents.)

Instead most of the time it's someone who likes acting like the traditional roles of the opposite sex, and fosters that feeling for so long (without changing or adjusting their definitions) that science becomes the only solution.

Now I didn't watch the show, or hear their testimonies and whatever science may have been presented behind it. Needless to say, from what I've learned previously, I'm skeptical.