Saturday, September 03, 2005

Should I fart in torts too?

Usually, having 2 blogs simultaneously sounds the death knell of one or the other. But I am determined to keep both up and current.

The new blog,, will be dedicated to answering the general question, "So what's law school like?"

But this blog will retain my more random and varied thoughts that I don't wish to be quite so public...and sometimes have nothing to do with law.

The naming of a baby is always an exciting and difficult event. I did quite a bit of pondering over naming my new law school blog and am happy to settle on a homage to my favorite TV show (Jerry Orbach, we love you!!!)

But while scouring the net for inspiration, I came across the funniest law school blog name: "I Farted In Torts..." Now, I'm not so crass that I could pull that off, but I was sorely tempted to call mine: "I Farted In Torts Too..." Michael suggested, how about: "I Farted In Contracts..."

While I was in that crass frame of mind, I almost called my blog, "Legal Doodies, fresh droppings from the mind and life of a 1L."

Now for an entirely different subject. I just finished the very last episode of Sex in the City. I give seasons 4-6 (the only ones I've watched) my sincerest blessings. There could be no higher praise for a show than this: I would buy the DVDs. Well done. Well done.

If it's anything I've learned from hearing the commentary on the episodes of SIC, it's that the 4 main characters have a deliberate story arch, a learning curve. They change and mature and progress throughout the series until they become better and more than who they were before. It's certainly optimistic.

Now it's time for a new show. I casted the lot and rented Arrested Development. And boy did I get lucky. With character names like Tobias Funke (pronounced Fune-kay) and Gob (pronounced "Job"), you can't go wrong.

In off beat mockumentary shows it's usually the child actors that make you want to cringe and contemplate not watching the show anymore.

But I got to say, the teenage boy in this delightful series (Michael Cera) is definitely a crown jewel, a keeper, a highlight of the series. If you liked Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office, or any movies by Christopher Guest, you owe it to yourself to check out Arrested Development.


konycrayola said...

haha. haven't been here in a while. clearly i've been missing out.

just for the record, i'm thoroughly relishing the fact that i don't have to share my buckets of fried chicken.

as for the farting, i dare you to do it. for real. i've done it in classes where i was the teacher, and i blamed the innocent overachiever in the front row.


Alice in Wonderland said...

ha ha ha. I don't get the chicken part...?

But the farting is something I like to pretend all humans do except me.

Alice in Wonderland said...

oh...I get the chicken part now. Good for you!