Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finally, it's happened to me...

Life is marked by a series of firsts.

Baby's first steps. Baby's first words.
Your first crush. Your first kiss. Your first boyfriend.
Your first car, job, apartment...

Well, this weekend I had a great first.
I always wondered when it would happen to me but I never put forth any effort toward making it happened.
Just when I least expected it, it happened.
And it couldn't have happened in a better way.

Michael and I were getting ready to watch a DVD when he just happened to see that the last 6 minutes of the USC v. Notre Dame game was on. The score was so close that USC only had to score one more touchdown to keep their undefeated status as the number one ranking college football team.

I sat down on the couch next to him.
And that's when it happened.

My first.
My first football game.

I knew I was experiencing my baptism into the world of football the second my cheek touched the couch cushion. With 6 minutes left in the game, USC scored an amazing touchdown. And then the unbelievable happened. Like an unstoppable tsunami wave, Notre Dame scored a winning touchdown! And then, with less than two minutes on the clock, a true miracle happened on USC's fourth down. They advanced all the way from like the 35 yard line to somewhere near the 90 yard line before someone got tackled. The clock ran out of time and Notre Dame's fans came cheering onto the field. But wait! The refs reset the clock! They ruled that the clock should have been stopped at the 7 second mark! And with just 7 seconds left to go, USC scored the very last touchdown with only 3 seconds remaining! Go Trojans!

And that, children, is how mommy became a football fan.


Karen said...

That is insane - the EXACT same thing happened to me with the EXACT same game. I took a roundabout route to your blog from a comment you made on Las Fashionistas blog, one of my favs. That game was amazing, and totally worth giving up time I would usually spend surfing sephora.com, girlshop, or bluefly.

Infinity8Ball said...

Welcome to the sports fold! Now all you need to do is get hooked on baseball, and the circle will be complete, and the end times will be ushered in.