Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dare to be an Optimist

Well, in response to my post, "Poisen Preference," some of my optimist friends have weighed in.

Melissa says:
maybe pessimism poisons the future as much as it forestalls possible disappointment. personally, as an optimist, if you always think things will look up, you'll always feel happy and hopeful. and when things are down, that's ok, cause you are sure the situation will improve. after all, this too shall pass.

Eddie says:
I think it's better to be an optimist. At least that way you're going to pick yourself up when you fall, instead of staying down and waiting to be picked up.

And in response to that, I say:'re all optimists and you tell me it works for you. I'm a pessimist and it doesn't quite work for me. Ok, I'm convinced. I'm going to be an optimist from now on. I'm going to quit cold-turkey.

No more gloom and doom.

Today is going to be great! Tonight is going to be great! Tomorrow will be great!

Great things are going to happen to me!

I'm beautiful and smart and people like me!

Yeah baby, I feel the magic working already! Watch out world, make room for me and my new robust sense of optimism, yeah! (image: Me doing a double-fist pump)

Everytime I start to feel bad, I'm just going to repeat this mantra:
Everything's going to be great!

Stay tuned, dear readers, to find out what havoc these new rose-tinted spectacles shall wreak on my week...

Sorry! No! (Bad optimist! Bad optimist!) What I meant to say is:
Stay tuned and witness how great this new point of view will be for me throughout the week!


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Peggy said...

Since you're so new to optimism, maybe it needs a little tweaking. I don't think it's the belief that external circumstances will be great. Rather, there's an internal resilience that tells you you are okay... things are okay no matter what happens.

Infinity8Ball said...

I'd want to plug in 1 thing into that equation... It's not that everything *is* great, because it won't be at times. You're setting yourself up for an easy fall back into pessimism that way. Hard times are when the real test comes into play, and you say to yourself, "This (situation) CAN be better!" "How can it be that way?" and "What can I do to make it better?"

That way just in case tommorow isn't great, you're still looking forward to fix, resolve, and move on. In essence, trying to move forward, even when you're standing still (or falling backwards).

melissa said...

i've rather thought that the mark of a christian is joy. notice paul uses joy to describe his most dire situations. i concur with peggy.

konycrayola said...

you can't be all smiles when your tongue's stuck in your cheek!! haha christina.