Monday, October 24, 2005

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's perfect.

So why do we try to be?

Some people hide their flaws a lot better than others.
Some people have ostensibly fewer flaws than others.

When I see an ostensibly perfect person,
with perfect teeth and skin;
and a perfect outfit on;
and a perfect resume;
and has perfect social skills;

I try hard to find the flaw in him/her.

Nobody's perfect.

But Hollywood and fairytales would make us believe differently.

Actresses have perfect skin, bodies, and accessories.
Heroines have perfect heroes.
Cinderallas have their perfect princes.

Perfection is a perpetual obsession and the obtainment of which is the human Holy Grail.

Let's abandon that fruitless effort. Scrap that misguided adventure.
Let's not reach for perfection in an impossibly imperfect world.
Let us learn to live contentedly with dusty shelves and dirty dishes.
And yet, sometimes, it is right and good that we try...

1 comment:

melissa said...

this was cute. specially as it got more lyrical towards the end.

and btw, clooney's fairly involved with as a spokesperson. i dunno about sexiest man alive tho... ;)