Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Bartley's Goodbye

For the last 3 years I've lived a stone's throw away from a national monument of sorts. A monument to burgers, if you will.

Mr. Bartley's is probably the best burger joint in America (so says The Wall Street Journal) and everytime I've walked by it always had a mile-long line of patient clients. And the smell. It smells like food heaven when you walk by.

So of course it was time to finally try it. I have no excuse for passing up this once in a lifetime gastronomical opportunity considering: (1) I live 2 minutes away and (2) it's very reasonbly priced and (3) I luuuuuuuuuuv meat.

The burgers did not disappoint and there were two additional perks: (1) The burgers were all named after famous politicians and Bostonians (The Bill Clinton, The Dick Cheney, etc.) I had the Deval Patrick (Gov of Mass). Click on picture to enlarge.

(2) And we had a last meal with our dear friends before they move to Ohio. Goodbye Birches-you are the mellowest, chillest, coolest, surfer-like people we know. Hang loose.


Infinity8Ball said...

Well?!?! How was the burger?!?!

Alice in Wonderland said...

It was just as advertised--spicy and delicious! :-)