Friday, May 30, 2008

Hellathon Day 4: Sleepless in C-bridge

3d day of insomnia.

The insomnia has taken on a life of its own. It has grown beyond any normal bounds of restraint. Despite my taking OTC sleep aids, reading a novel in bed to relax, and feeling exhausted all day, the minute I turn out the's there.

Waiting for me. Waiting to devour what precious time I have left and turn me into a lifeless zombie.

So it was time to bring in the big guns--prescription sleep aids. Went to go see my doctor and got some Sonata. This is hope in a bottle.


pegpie said...

Poor Christina... I should be there to sing you a lullaby.

Tammy said...

Oh no!!! as a fellow insomniac, i so feel you on this one....for you, it's clearly the stress! Awww! Poor thing. Okay, here is my best advice: switch it up for the sleeping pills. Call your doctor and say the Sonata isn't really working and get him to prescribe you some lunesta or ambien. Then rotate the sleeping meds you take (sonata one night, lunesta another, etc). As for OTC sleeping meds, I find that unisom (which you get at costco), about a half a pill, is pretty effective if you take it at least an hour before sleep. It's pretty slow-acting. Otherwise, a couple of Benadryl is a decent substitute. But again, the secret is to switch it up!! I can't emphasize this enough. Best of luck! Man, I'm looking forward to seeing you :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Thanks for the sympathy ladies.

Tammy-you speak like a true expert on this. I like the idea of switching things up. I'm going to find a doctor in Norcal to put me on that other stuff...ambien, lunesta, etc. Can't wait to hang out with you again too!!!!