Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hellathon Day 1

Today is day 1 of an 8 week course from hell: The California Bar Prep.

One part hell and one part marathon, this excrutiating course attempts to cram in 13 subjects of law in just 2 short months. California has the lowest bar passage rate in the country, around 60%. Eek.

The course suggests that you study 10-11 hours PER DAY if you want a hope of a prayer of a chance of passing. Are you kidding?! I haven't studied that much since...well, maybe never.

Today was a short 2 hour intro to "ease" us into this horrible experience and was mostly memorable for the cheesy lecturer we had. He introduced himself as, "the most interesting guy you'll ever meet" and proceeded to pronounce every word ending in a -y wrongly on purpose.

Example: Does he have any liabilit-IE?
Example 2: I love lecturing on propert-IE.

Just shoot m-IE.


Alaberi said...

Your hilarit-IE is awesome. Too bad you didn't get CPLR banjo guy (http://www.cathygellis.com/mt/archives/000804.html) - which is who we had today..and yes, he sang the entire song. It was actually pretty good.

Good luck with bar studies!!! see you soon. :)

Tammy said...

oh, I really feel for you! it's absolutely horrible. but you'll pass, and there are some entertaining moments in barbri...well, relatively entertaining moments. all kidding aside, i'm sure you'll do great :)