Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Inspections (and bonus random thought)

Great news, the inspections went swimmingly!  (And thank you Brits for giving us such an awesome way to say 'well').  The only real issue was an old heater that should be under a thousand bucks to fix.  Phew!

Next hurdle--the appraisal.  There's a very real possibility that the appraisal will come up 20k short, which would pose a huge problem for us.  Fingers crossed again!

Lastly, a random thought to tickle your brain--riddle me this--why do men cheat with unattractive-looking women?

I was reading a recent Newsweek article about the Arnold Schwarzzeneger (yeah I'm not going to try to spell that correctly) scandal--remember that one?  He cheated on Maria with their dour-looking, frumpy housekeeper and fathered a kid with said frumpy housekeeper?  Yeah, that one.

Newsweek published a photo of the housekeeper and honestly, I don't get it.  She looks...well, like your average latina Walmart shopper.  Arnold is a celebrity of mega-proportions.  He can have any (insecure and immature) hottie he wants and I'm sure he's had plenty.  But why also have an affair with the frumpy housekeeper?

The author of the article said "...because the same reason why [some other dude] climbed Mt. Everest.  Because she was there."  That's it.

What?!  I don't get that at all.

But then again, I don't want to climb Mt. Everest either.

Can someone explain?


Peggy E. said...

Well... sex isn't just about the physical... there's a lot of emotional/psychological components to it. I think those things are actually what drives a person to have sex with another person.

Alice in Wonderland said...

But how messed up do you have to be emotionally/psychologically to do this kind of thing? How does a person get to this state? Is this normal? Do a large percent of the male population have the same issues as the Arnold? Or is the Arnold more of an outlier?