Friday, October 05, 2012

Yeah, I Said It.

Last week, I literally emailed this to my partner:

"I have serious concerns about this timeline.  I don't want to sound melodramatic, but I think it just might kill me. Would it be possible to find another associate to help with this?"

I hesitated before hitting the send button.

It sounded so whiny, so complaining, so...wimpy.  Honestly it was a manageable workload.  It would've just required me to bill 12-15 hours a day which is totally doable if I were full-time.  But I'm a part-time worker dang it!  I shouldn't have to kill myself like that and miss out on yet another week with my kid (this has been the 6th or so bad week in a string of bad weeks).

So, with my stomach churning, I hit the send button.

She replied right away and told me she'll try to figure out how to relieve some of my stress, but honestly, everyone else is really jammed up right now too.  And ended with this message: "Just keep calm and carry on, as they say."

On one hand I'm really glad we have the kind of relationship that allows me to question her staffing decisions.  On the other hand, my blood pressure was through the roof for the most part of this week and I'm exhausted from early calls and late night drafting.

She did come through later on and found another associate to take over halfway on Wednesday.  I wanted to give her a big hug for that...but we're not THAT close.

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Portia said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I'm glad it worked out, and I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself.