Monday, October 01, 2012

House Hunters Part IV: Waiting to Exhale

Just a quick note to say...

We're in contract for the house!

We actually put in an offer before even seeing it because we had such a strong feeling about it.  And we really wanted to avoid a bidding war.  It worked!  They accepted under the strict condition (among other things) that we close in 25 days--eek!

We finally saw the home yesterday and it did NOT disappoint.  Hope everything goes well up to closing day.  The biggest hurdle--the appraisal.  Home prices have been skyrocketing in this area in the last 3 months but appraisals might not have picked up on that yet.  Darn lag!

Anyway, I can't even think about all the millions of things to do to close since I'm completely snowed under at work.  All the house stuff (and childcare) this week will fall on the poor spouse.  Sorry honey!


Peggy E. said...

Show us the listing on redfin!!

CP said...

Yes! Show us the posting!!! Did you guys already have an inspection? That's always the scary part (at least from my vast experience from watching Anyway, so excited for you!