Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Week...I don't know anymore

Now that Noah's almost 6 months I think it's probably time to retire recounting his age in weeks.

I can't believe we've made it this far!

Life has gotten considerably easier with Noah.  He naps only 2-3 times a day now (instead of 3-4) and has mostly figured out how to sleep on his own.  Every few days he forgets and we have to 're-teach' him, but he's a little quicker on the uptake each time.

Usually Noah just sits in the Bumbo while I putz around the kitchen cooking and cleaning.  He's really into grabbing objects and putting them in his mouth now (like every normal 5 month old).  And just yesterday, he refused to recline in his car-seat/stroller so we put him upright.  He's not quite strong enough to sit upright but he sure wants to!

Judah was very proud of Noah sitting upright and shouted to our neighbor "My baby brother sitting up like a big boy!"  Our neighbor had no idea what Judah was saying.  Why is it that only parents can figure out what their toddlers are saying?

As for Noah's eye infection, we saw a dermatologist who prescribed some steroid cream.  It's been working really well so I have high hopes that we'll lick this thing for good soon.  Yay steroids!

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Arie said...

what a adorable sweet smile! noah is deliciously chubs :)