Saturday, July 23, 2005

Marriage is like a two person kayak...

First of all, you're stuck together.
Once you've "pushed off" there's no escape without great discomfort.

Therefore, and secondly, you must work together.
That involves frequent communication and compromise.

For instance, we encountered difficulty at first when Michael wanted to play the game How-close-can-we-get-to-the-river-bank. And I wanted to stay as far away as possible from the bank because I was under the impression that it would make us more susceptible to flipping.

We communicated and compromised. Well, actually, everytime we veered toward the bank I screamed like a banshee and paddled furiously away and Michael pitied me (and his bleeding ears) and eventually gave up.

But anyway, that leads me to the next similarity between marriage and kayaking, which is that sometimes, you can really enjoy the view...and each other.

To all my newly wed friends, Michelle, Peggy, Suzanne, Jen, and soon to be Joy... Here's to a great (two-person) adventure!

*(These pictures were taken on the Charle's River, right outside our apartment building! Boston, what a great city!)

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