Monday, July 11, 2005

Really? Like, thanks!

So I guess it's the obvious consensus that I'm more "legally blonde" than "legal eagle." Almost everyone I know has made it a point to say to me, "Wow, have you seen Legally Blonde?" And then the next phrase is inevitably, "You're just like her!"

Yup, whether it be my best friend, professors, church acquaintances, and even my own mother.

Certainly I'm not like her in a Ms. Hawaii Tropics Runner-Up way, what with her full curves and tight, uh, everything. So it must be our mutual innards?

Well, I only hope so. Elle Woods is a high role model to aspire to. She's genuine, caring, and quite capable of understanding the law. I admire her bottomless pep and sleeve-rolling-up drive...all without even chipping a nail!

Since the opposite of Elle is pretension and snobbery, I'll feel like I'm doing something right if people keep making these comparisons.

But maybe the comparisons refer more to my sometimes cavernous superficiality and ignorance of the world around me. It's no surprise to anyone that I'll read People and US twice before I deign to pick up Time or USNews (and then only to look at the pictures and captions). And I do recall people saying (with alarming frequency) that my "blonde roots were showing" throughout elementary school and junior high.

At any rate, I certainly feel strongly as Elle does that, "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." People, take it from those who know. Orange is for Holloween and reliving the 80's. Pink, like basic black, will never go out.


Infinity8Ball said...

I totally knew you died your hair black. Great tan btw, nobody can tell that you're white at all. ;^p

Suz said...

Hahahahaha. I knew there was a reason why we got along. I've always loved Elle Woods. And I think it's sad that people make fun of nice, pretty girls who want to show their smarts too. Rock on!