Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Weekenders

Over the weekend Michael's mom and sister came to visit.

They were very good sports about being cramped in our 500 sq ft single br apt and sleeping on the floor.

Here are some highlights.

(Click the picture to enlarge it)

Here they are on the streets of Cambridge. Coming from rural towns, they are both delighted to be in such a metropolitan area.

We discovered the joy of frisbee and spontaneously founded the Harvard Frisbee Team. We started counting our consecutive succesful throws and everyone, even Michael's mom said, "That's just like that one episode of Friend's!-When Chandler was 'the dropper.'" (I bet even my mom knows which episode I'm talking about.) Ah Friends, what a litmus test of cultural literacy.

What is a trip to Boston without eating at the famous Legal Seafood Restaurant? Unfortunately everyone thought the food was overated and overpriced.

But mostly, we snickered at DVD episodes of the OC, Season 1. I miss California.

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