Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 Truths and a Soak

In the past few days some disappointing things have happened:

1. I ate an entire filet of undercooked cod. My own fault. I'm still paying for it two days later via intense bloating! (Or maybe I'm just legitimately fatter...)

2. I ordered a great graduation dress from Ann Taylor. It was supposed to be a single-digit size and 20% off. Stupid item came without the discount AND in size 10! WTF.

3. I finally got my greatly anticipated pair of white jeans from Boden (it was on back order for 2 the back order is 8!) They don't fit. Too tight. Gave me a total "muffin top" effect that I couldn't completely blame on the (hopefully temporary) raw fish bloat.

But I did get this nice email yesterday:

Dear Ms. Chung,

This email serves as a confirmation for your upcoming appointment(s) at Pyara Spa & Salon. Sat 3/29/2008 03:15 PM Focus Pedicure with Leigh Ann Marticio

I'm going to get my first pedicure ever!

Part of me thinks: what's the point, it's still snowing and raining here. The other part says: Shut up! You need to relax.


Alaberi said...

pedicures are fun - what color are you getting them painted? who are you going with?

and what does your dress look like????

Alaberi said...

p.s. that second question was a hint to SHOW US A PICTURE on the blog!!! :D

Alice in Wonderland said...

Will do. I took pics. But I'll give you a little teaser. The color was Maylaysian Mist. Oooooo.

I went with some Community Group grils. We went to Bertucci's afterward and I ate waaaaaayyyy too much bread and olive oil.